A Few Small Business Networking Tips

LDPHaving the right connections can create breakthrough opportunities for your small business, from raising funds to making your first big sale.


Here are some top networking tips:

  1. Have an immediate goal, but think longer term. Connections can come from unexpected places; the engineer you meet at a networking event could be a good friend of the CMO you’re trying to engage. Don’t discount someone who doesn’t have direct or immediate relevance for you – if they’re an interesting and successful person, they can open doors to new opportunities down the road.
  2. Start the conversation first, connect later. So you’ve identified a potential business contact on LinkedIn – what now? Creating a dialogue and developing a relationship are important prerequisites to sending an invitation to connect. Break the ice with an InMail, stating your intentions or complimenting their work
  3. Show your worth. Demonstrating value to a potential business contact is key to building a fruitful relationship. Start by helping them achieve their goals before yours – connect them with your contacts, share your knowledge, or even contribute to a project. This selfless attitude will be rewarded when you need something in return.

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