A Few Brainstorming Tips

LDPBrainstorming is a wide-open, anything goes, type of activity. Yet, even a free-wheeling process can benefit from a little structure and strategy. Here are a few helpful tips to improve individual and group efforts.

1. Prepare

Define the goal or purpose of your brainstorming session. What’s the problem you want to solve? Frame the goal in terms of its customer impact, rather than its internal, organizational result.

2. Select the Team

The best size for a brainstorming team is three to ten people. Scale the team based on the importance of the challenge. Select team members based on a balance of expertise and diversity of perspective.

3. Meet Early

If possible schedule the brainstorming session in the morning. Most people think more creatively when they’re fresh.

4. First Contact

Invite the team to participate via email, a meeting request or face-toface. Take time to communicate the goal of the brainstorming clearly. Provide any background material in advance.

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