A Few Ways to Take Control of Hidden Costs at the Office

LDPThere are opportunities for savings in nearly every area of business. Continuous, incremental improvements add up to big savings.

Here are a few tips:



Make cost control everyone’s business

Nobody knows the details of your company’s business processes like your employees and co-workers. Ask them to uncover the time wasters and tasks with a poor return on investment. Get their ideas on how things could be done in less time and/or for less cost. Share the results of ideas that are implemented.


Communicate expectations

Set guidelines and train employees and co-workers on expectations. For example, implementing policies for travel expenses is far more effective if travellers understand both the policies and the reasoning behind them. The extra time spent training will pay for itself in more efficient administration and processing of expense reports.


Take control of your printing costs

Most businesses don’t track or manage their office printing costs. A managed print service can track use and expense. With visibility of how your resources are used, you can take control, reduce costs and more effectively manage your printing devices.

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