A Few Ways to Remake Your Workspace

LDPOur work environment plays a very important part in our productivity. Each improvement provides an positive effect. Here are a few tips to remake your workspace:


1. Arrange for productivity.

A comfortable, functional workspace is a prerequisite for productivity. But is your office arranged to facilitate your work? If interaction and collaboration are key to your success, a more open office layout will help. If your work requires individual, concentrated focus, a quiet space with minimal distractions may be best. Consider your primary tasks and design your office to go with the flow.


2. Upgrade to digital.

How many hours a week do you spend finding the right papers? Convert your printed documents to digital files. They’re easier to archive, retrieve and secure. Imagine your office without all those bulky file cabinets and file drawers filled with paper.


3. Reduce fatigue and discomfort.

An ergonomic workspace not only improves productivity and morale. Employees who work in comfortable environments have fewer lost days and compensation claims related to on-the-job injury.


Read more… http://www.office.xerox.com/latest/XOAFL-17U.pdf


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