A Few Presentation and Speaking Tips

BusinessA fluent, efficient and effective presentation is key. Here are a few tips to improve your presentation and speaking skills:


Read and refine

One of the best ways to refine your presentation is to read it aloud. How does it flow? When you  read it out loud you’ll recognize the smooth and rough spots immediately. As you refine your script, it’ll be easier to cut the number of words on each slide.

Rehearse it

Everyone knows you ought to practice your presentation before you present, but it’s often a good idea left undone. Practice is the single best way to improve your presentation. And equally important, it will make your presentation more useful to your audience.

Record it

Another helpful tip is to record yourself delivering your presentation. Listen to the playback to help memorize what you want to say and identify words that can be cut from your slides. Ideally, the words on your slides are simply keywords to remind you of what you want to say.

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