A Few Small Business Sales Tips

SalesWhether you are well established or just getting started in your small business, here are a few keys to making your sales a success:

1. Remember SW to the power of 3- Some will, some won’t, so what. One of the biggest pitfalls to a successful sales career is the fear of hearing “no” all the time. This comes in many different varieties: we’re just looking, I need to compare, I have to ask my spouse first, and so on and so forth. Remember if your product is in the right market, you just have to play the sorting game with people. Some will buy and some won’t. Whatever you do, don’t take the rejection personally.

2. Know your product- If you cannot be stirred from a dead sleep, and answer any question thrown at you about your product or products in less than fifteen seconds, you need to do more research. Knowledge is power in the world of sales. When dealing with a potential customer, your grasp of knowledge about the product carries nearly as much influence as the product, itself.

3. Make your business or product unique- If I can walk down the street and buy the same product or service from someone who has been around forever, why should I risk my hard earned dollars on you? You have to show me how your product or service is better than anyone else in town.

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