Quote of the day…

February 28, 2013

‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.’

Michael Leboeuf



Business Golf Etiquette

February 27, 2013

ldp-golfThe business of business golf etiquette is a delicate one. Whether you’re playing with a co-worker who is a good friend or an intimidating boss, you want to enjoy the experience while still maintaining a relaxed and professional relationship.

Whether you extend the invitation or are the invited, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee time so you can get settled by checking in with the pro shop and maybe purchasing some practice balls  for yourself and your partner.

Getting to the Course
If you are doing the inviting, make sure your partner knows how to get to the course and understands any fee structures if you are requiring him to pay. If you have not been to the course before, call the pro shop and ask what clothing options are acceptable and get a rundown of amenities such as locker rooms.

Courtesy First
Be sure to extend every courtesy to your partner. Insist on buying the first round of drinks and snacks from the beverage cart. Always compliment your partner on a good shot and offer a brief consolation or none at all after a poor shot from your partner.

Benefit of the Doubt
Never question your partner’s integrity on the course. If he is blatantly cheating, let him have his way. If he is particularly slow, do not hurry him. If he offers unsolicited advice, accept it graciously.

The Bet
If your partner wants to place a wager on your round, accept it and do not get into an intense discussion about the rules of the contest. To put yourself at ease, consider it money that is being spent as an investment in strengthening a business relationship.

19th hole
If you and your partner decide to enjoy a beverage after the round, be sure to buy the first round, and be careful to not drink too much or to discuss your workplace or coworkers too much.

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LDP wine of the week- Lomond Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

February 26, 2013

This week’s LDP wine of the week is Lomond Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

A romantic blend of lavender and rose petal aromas rounded off with tropical fruit and a soft creamy finish.

Try this wine with duck, crisp green salads and grilled seafood, or enjoy on its own as a refreshing summer wine.

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A Few Small Business Sales Tips

February 21, 2013

SalesWhether you are well established or just getting started in your small business, here are a few keys to making your sales a success:

1. Remember SW to the power of 3- Some will, some won’t, so what. One of the biggest pitfalls to a successful sales career is the fear of hearing “no” all the time. This comes in many different varieties: we’re just looking, I need to compare, I have to ask my spouse first, and so on and so forth. Remember if your product is in the right market, you just have to play the sorting game with people. Some will buy and some won’t. Whatever you do, don’t take the rejection personally.

2. Know your product- If you cannot be stirred from a dead sleep, and answer any question thrown at you about your product or products in less than fifteen seconds, you need to do more research. Knowledge is power in the world of sales. When dealing with a potential customer, your grasp of knowledge about the product carries nearly as much influence as the product, itself.

3. Make your business or product unique- If I can walk down the street and buy the same product or service from someone who has been around forever, why should I risk my hard earned dollars on you? You have to show me how your product or service is better than anyone else in town.

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Quote of the day…

February 20, 2013

‘To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.’

-J. Paul Getty


LDP wine of the week- Neethlingshof Shiraz 2005.

February 19, 2013

This week’s LDP wine of the week is the Neethlingshof Shiraz 2005.

Aromas of concentrated cardamom and cloves, combined with ripe plums. Also chocolate and meaty aromas that gives the wine a complex nose. a firm and dry taste, yet soft and succulent. A powerful character that is earthy and vegetal.

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Small Business Brainstorming Tips

February 13, 2013



Even though brainstorming is a sort of ‘anything goes’ activity, a bit of structure and strategy can enhance your sessions. So here are a few tips to help get the ideas rolling:



Define the goal or purpose of your brainstorming session. What’s the problem you want to solve? Frame the goal in terms of its customer impact, rather than its internal, organizational result.

Select the Team

The best size for a brainstorming team is three to ten people. Scale the team based on the importance of the challenge. Select team members  based on a balance of expertise and diversity of perspective.

Meet Early

If possible schedule the brainstorming session in the morning. Most people think more creatively when they’re fresh.

First Contact

Invite the team to participate via email, a meeting request or face-to face. Take time to communicate the goal of the brainstorming clearly. Provide any background material in advance.

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