A few Small Business Sales Techniques

salesGood sales are an intricate part of any business, so here are a few tips to help achieve your goals quicker:


1. Describe your vision for how you want your business to ultimately be and you wish to be remembered.

Mentally consider all possibilities, verbally express the most appealing, and then write it down. Discuss the ideas(s) with your trusted peers.  Refine as needed until you are able to pinpoint exactly what you are setting out to accomplish and are able to succinctly express it in all forms of communication.  This is the essence of building your brand.  Once in place, you will be able to advance to a comprehensive branding program.

2. Write a mission statement on how you help your clientele.

This is a strategic sales technique because most businesspeople only think in terms of themselves.  But when you begin thinking about your clientele’s needs, you already begin to distinguish yourself and your service.  Communicating you are in business to serve others builds brand awareness and encourages sales.

3. Establish a 12-month s-t-r-e-t-c-h goal.

The meaning of this is that you momentarily believe it will take 15-18 months to achieve with what you know today.  But upon following the plan as it is described in its entirety, you will achieve it in 12 months.

4. Establish 2 quarterly projects relating to your 12-month stretch goal.

The reason for only two is because our world changes very rapidly.  There is no sense in wasting time, as that is one of your most precious commodities.

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