Small Business Delegation Tips

small-business-delegationWhether your business is a small operation or a 500-person firm, there will come a time when it is necessary to delegate. Here are a few delegation tips:

Starting with smaller tasks and your most trusted employees is a great, but you need much more for delegation to yield truly valuable (and continued) productivity gains. Delegation should be about growing your business and cultivating your employee base, not about one-time pass-offs for temporary reprieve. To make sure you delegate the right way, use these five tangible tips:

  1. Clearly define the purpose, significance and timeliness of the task or project. Ambiguity in these areas can lead to confusion and mistakes
  2. Communicate your confidence in your employee’s ability to get the job done
  3. Establish a method to track success. This helps ensure that employees continue to improve and grow with their new task
  4. Follow up! Don’t micro-manage, but rather try to get a good feel for when it’s right to ask how your team is doing
  5. Praise team members for success. Raises often go with increased responsibility, but sometimes a simple “good job” from the boss is the only morale booster necessary

While passing off tasks can help you avoid becoming overwhelmed, you don’t want to trade one stress for another; always delegate with a plan in place. Encouraging team members to take on more responsibility can foster a winning work culture, increase productivity and help grow your business.

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