A Few Tips to Build Your Small Business

businessThere are many steps involved in building your business, but there are some key steps that shouldn’t be neglected. Here are a few building your business tips:

Human Resources

Crafting effective job descriptions. Having job descriptions for each of your positions is a must. However, they must be thorough and accurate and fit exactly the position. This necessitates that you develop the job descriptions for the positions you have in your business. Finally, the best and most accurate job description is useless if it is not used as an effective tool.

Build a spectacular team without damaging your ego. People who become an entrepreneur usually have an ego that can be hard to accept. However, if this were not so, there would be very few entrepreneurial ventures. Sooner or later the entrepreneur realizes that he can’t do it all if his venture is to be successful. Building a good team requires the entrepreneur to assess the exact need and then hire for that need. After clearly communicating the function and expectation of each member of the team he must then allow the team to function with minimum interference.


Measure your entrepreneurial instinct. Do you really want to start your own business? Will you be happier and more satisfied working for yourself or working for someone else? Authors present a quiz that is based on the Five Factor Model of Personality presented by Paul Costa Jr. and Robert McCrae. An explanation of the five factors is presented.

Ways employers screw up hiring. Hiring practices and procedures must be made current to match today’s business model and those qualified job-seekers. Businesses must examine their interviewing and hiring procedures and ascertain whether or not they match the requirements of the position they are seeking to fill. Unfortunately, many resumes and interviews do not. There are a number of “bad” hiring practices listed which can be used to begin evaluating your hiring procedures.

Resource Management

The untapped talent that can juice the economy. The government has seized upon the the fact that most job growth originates with small businesses. Their answer to energizing job growth is to encourage the increase in entrepreneurship. Again they fail to recognize the difference between entrepreneurship and other small businesses. Entrepreneurship requires the development of an idea and then the establishment of a small business to market that idea. While this may result in more long-term job growth, it does not fulfill the need for immediate job growth. Far more can be gained from encouraging skilled professionals to develop more productive businesses.

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