A Few Small Businesses Organizing Tips

A big part of business success is being organized and keeping it that way. So here are a few tips to help:

1. Create procedures
Even the most mundane procedure in your business should be documented so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. For example, incoming paperwork should be processed in a way that it is processed through a single handling process of action and then filing. This type of policy keeps those disturbing piles of printed matter from cluttering desks and being either difficult or impossible to locate.


2. Set a schedule
Small businesses tend to run wide open for as long as possible as long as there is work that needs to be done. To avoid burnout and to promote a sane working environment, however, office hours should be set, with scheduled breaks, so everyone involved including workers and customers knows what to expect when they arrive and when they can come and go. This structure makes it easier and more predictable to work for a small company.

3. Use virtual assistants
Repetitive tasks like editing documents, printing reports or answering phones can be done by anyone, so consider using one of the many virtual assistant services that are springing up to get the routine work done at a super-low cost to your business. This frees up your time and others’ for productive work.

4. Have a computer backup plan
Small businesses often end up being disabled for days or weeks at a time just because a key computer or server crashed, losing all the information it contained. Small businesses should have a backup plan in place where all their computers, servers and external storage devices are backed up so when the worst happens, the work can go on. Consider using one of the modern online backup services, so you always have a copy of your work.

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