A few Ways to Amplify Small-Business Marketing with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsouring is a great way to enhance small business marketing efforts. It can be grouped in a few distinct categories. Here are a few examples:


1. Crowdsourcing for content marketing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to leverage the reach of the crowd is through content marketing. Brands like The Huffington Post and American Express OPEN Forum grew exponentially thanks to crowdsourcing. Both tapped into the crowd of industry experts and invited them to write free content for the websites. In exchange, writers received free links back to their own sites and an opportunity to get in front of larger audiences than they could reach on their own.

2. Crowdsourcing for social media marketing

To leverage crowdsourcing for social media marketing, invite customers to pin content to your pinboards on Pinterest or share pictures and videos on your Facebook Page. For example, encourage people to share pictures of themselves using your products! If you prefer Twitter, set up a public Twitter account using a tool like GroupTweet, which enables 100,000 people to tweet to the same account, and invite people to publish tweets related to your business, products, industry, and so on to that account.

 3. Crowdsourcing for design

Need a new logo or another type of marketing design? Use a site like Crowdspring or 99 designsto get design submissions from a crowd of individuals with varying levels of expertise and an endless amount of creativity. Need a picture that you can use on your blog, website, or marketing materials legally but can’t find the right one without paying more than you can afford? Post your request on Koi.io (formerly FotoKoi) and let the crowd of photographers help you. You can even tap into the crowd for a new slogan using Slogan Slingers where founder Rich Davis explains, “Most slogan projects cost between $50 and $900.”

Believe it or not, crowdsourcing for logo design and other marketing design projects is very common.

Bottom-line, there are many ways to leverage the crowd to assist you with directly and indirectly promoting your business. Don’t be afraid to get creative and always encourage your audience to engage with you and join the conversation. Don’t ask them to promote your business. Instead, ask them to share brand stories and experiences. The power of the crowd comes from allowing them to take control of the conversation and the brand experience. Let them make your brand their own so they become loyal and vocal brand advocates that extend beyond a single crowdsourcing initiative.

Source: entrepreneur


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