Tips and Trick for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are Jack of all trades and the goal is to become the master of all. With various aspects of a business, the important thing is to keep learning and reading. Here are a few tips and tricks:


Awesome tools for entrepreneurs. The most successful entrepreneurs have the best toys. It’s not a question of having the most expensive or the flashiest. It’s a question of having the most useful tools to build your business today. Here’s a super list of the tools that will make you most efficient. Do you have any to share?


Customer Service

Be sure you listen to your feedback. Brand consultant Isabelle Mercier Turcotte talks about one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. This is knowing how to react to feedback, including negative feedback, to get your customers to keep coming back. Another tip is getting beyond price with customers or clients.



Lessons in doing more with less. Entrepreneurs have elevated this to a near art form. In this particular post we look at saving space, a cost cutting measure that actually is beneficial in other important ways. Want to learn more about how sharing space with other entrepreneurs/businesses can benefit everyone?



Fallacies in entrepreneurship. There are many misunderstandings about entrepreneurship and how small businesses work out there. That may be fine for those not trying to start or run their own business. But for those of us involved in entrepreneurship, it would sure help to have a better idea of what’s going on. Here’s to separating fact from fiction. Enjoy!

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