A few easy ways to motivate your employees

February 29, 2012

Here’s a few quick pointers to boast the performance level:

1. Think about your employees’ strengths! Most managers worry about what their people are doing wrong. A natural concern, but it kicks off a demotivating spiral. To build motivation, remind yourself what each employee’s greatest strength is.

2. Don’t use motivation methods that don’t work. When you keep telling employees what to do and they keep messing up, who’s to blame? Some might say doing the same thing over and over, when it obviously doesn’t work, isn’t too sharp. Yet we often do just that, trying the same supervisory behaviors over and over and getting more and more frustrated when they don’t work.

3. Teach employees to measure their own success. Employees who keep track of their performances are able to notice and document their development. They create their own scoreboards and are able to track their wins more effectively than any manager.

4. Ask employees what they want. Employees are motivated by…what motivates them! Employees have different goals and desires, and therefore need different performance and development opportunities. You can’t motivate individuals with generic programs. To maximize motivation ask each employee what they desire.

5. Learn to recognize and eliminate threats. Employees often feel that their managers use threats to try to motivate them, yet managers routinely deny it. They don’t mean to threaten employees, but if that’s how it feels to the employee, then it is a threat and it’s damaging to motivation levels. Opportunity is an effective motivator. Fear is not.

6. Stop Distracting Employees. Most employees want nothing more than to focus on doing their jobs better and better. But from their perspective, critical incidents distract them, leading to worries about communication, security, fairness, respect and other key job criteria that managers rarely recognize. If you first take care of employees’ most fundamental intangible requirements, you can then shift the focus from their concerns to your motivation and performance agenda.

7. Communicate! Open communication is most employees’ #1 priority.

8. Motivate Yourself. This is very important.

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LDP- Wine of the week

February 24, 2012

This week’s LDP wine of the week is the Boschendal Le Grande Pavillon Brut Rosé


One of the best MCC sparkling wines in South Africa.


Exceptionally pleasing on the eye as well as the palate, Le Grande Pavillon Brut Rosé sparkles with versatility, making it ideal for enjoying on its own or in a bubbly and al fresco environment along with seafood, summer salads and chicken dishes.

Management Tips for Small Businesses

February 22, 2012

The old saying that time is money is quite true in almost all business setups. If you’re starting your own business, one needs to control time as best as possible. Microsoft conducted a study and found that most workers only used about 60% of their time. That means in a five day work week, they were only productive for three days. You know what that means – a lot less money!

For all the business owners, here are six tips to help with time management.

Small Business Time Management Tips

1. Ignore Your Email

Most people check their mail every five to ten minutes, wasting precious time. Simply set aside two time periods a day, to check and respond to your mail.

2. Don’t Multi-Task

Studies indicate only 2.5 % of people are truly able to effectively multitask and your IQ drops ten points when you are overly stimulated by email, texts and phone calls. Time management experts estimate focusing on one thing at a time will double productivity, work output and performance.

3. Set Step-by-Step Goals

Break larger goals into smaller steps, you will be able to more effectively accomplish your goals since you know exactly what steps must be done along the way. That in itself is already motivational. Also set your more important goals before lunch, so you can’t leave until you’ve met them.

4. Organize Your Time and Space

To increase productivity, clear and then organize your space. Eliminate everything that isn’t necessary, then create a system for the things that are. Another effective way is to get an egg timer, so you can race against the clock to finish your deadlines.

5. Put It in Writing

There’s something about committing to a plan in writing that somehow solidifies it in your mind. Some experts believe you should create this list the night before. That way, you’ll start the day prepared and not wasting any time.

6. Turn Your Car into an Office

All the wasted time sitting in your car waiting for the next meeting can be utilized by using your laptop or a portable fax machine. Just about anything you need to do business, use smaller and portable equipment.

It all boils down to time, so pay attention on how you’re spending it and make adjustments to help you spend it better.

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Study shows that SA has the most expensive cars

February 16, 2012

A recent study found that South Africa has the most expensive cars.

It costs 55% more to get and keep an entry-level vehicle on the road in South Africa than it does in the USA.

It will also take 95% of the average salary of a public school teacher to buy the vehicle, compared to only 23% in the USA.

This means that if that teacher could spend his entire monthly salary towards saving to buy the car, it would take South Africans 11.4 months to save the amount, while it would take an American teacher just shy of three months.

In an International Mobility Study released on Wednesday by moveable asset-based financier Wesbank, the cost of buying, using and maintaining an entry-level vehicle was compared across seven countries – Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, South Africa, the UK and the United States.

Using the salary of a public high school Mathematics teacher with five years’ experience would make in the specific country, the purchasing parity comparison put South Africa as the second most expensive country just after Brazil. In Brazil the purchasing price of the vehicle amounts to 122% of the teacher’s annual salary.

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The LDP Wine of the Week- Brampton Rosé

February 10, 2012

This week’s wine of the week is the versatile Brampton Rosé.


This blend consists of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and is a versatile seductive wine that requires no thought or effort to enjoy on its own or with a wide array of food dishes.


Tasting Notes:

Shimmering cerise with an immediately attractive perfumed nose offering enticing ripe red summer fruit aromas particularly watermelon, strawberry, raspberry and red cherries that all follow through to the palate with pleasing concentration of flavour and sumptuous off dry finish.


Month of Romance Competition

February 8, 2012

We are running a great competition on our Facebook page, where you can win a R400 Restaurant voucher and a bottle of wine , ideal to treat someone special in the ‘Month of Romance’.

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