How to Create a Better Work/Life Balance?

We lead busy lives with much less time for ourselves than our parents had. The global Credit Crunch and the resulting recession have only made matters worse. The demands on our time are multiple and competing. We’re torn between our priorities. It’s a lose-lose situation and it greatly diminishes our capacity to enjoy life.

Work monopolises our time. With all the electronic interruptions in our lives; work intrudes into our personal life more than ever. It’s impossible to get out to a social event without checking email on your Blackberry every five minutes. One of the first steps to finding balance in your life is to reduce, or remove those intrusions from our personal time.

Set boundaries, if you cannot do your job within working hours, there is a problem and you need to address that. If you commonly work beyond those hours, it will impact on your personal life. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but you must do something about it.

The key comes from time-managing your work-life balance. If you know you have to work late, make it a particular goal to spend time doing something with your loved ones at the weekend. If you stay late at work tonight, then plan a day out with your family on Sunday. If you have to go away for business, then when you return, you should take your partner out to dinner. Any social events that take your mind away from work will help you to return to work refreshed and replenished. It’s not just about spending more time at home; your resting time makes you more effective at work too. It’s all a matter of balance.

Kim Rix suggests that you replace any time you take away from your personal life with something meaningful. Don’t just crash in front of the television at the end of the day! Organise some way to spend that precious time. In our business life, we plan, we organise, and we take action. When questioned by psychologists, people said that they felt happiest when they had an activity, whether it was at work or home. So if you want to enjoy your home life more, activities and events are core to finding balance.

You’ll never be stuck for ideas; there are always plenty of engaging events happening in your local area, you just need to know where to look. Whether you prefer attending an engaging social event such as a fine dining in great company or a stimulating evening at the theatre, you return to work reinvigorated by the personal investment into your social life.

The balance between a satisfying career and a gratifying home life is vital to personal happiness. To do so:

– Jealously guard your private time

– Turn off electronic distractions such as phones and laptops

– Don’t spend your free time vegetating in front of the television

– Invest time in structured social events and activities

– Get a good night’s sleep.

Following these simple tips will help you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance that reduces stress and rewards us personally and professionally.



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