How to use business budget spreadsheets

Managing budgets is one of the key aspects of business management and here are some effective guidelines.

A business is a game of gambles. Nobody exactly knows what is going to happen next in a business. This peculiar insecurity of a business can be handled effectively only if all the financial details of a business are maintained properly in a business budget spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is a very effective instrument of estimating the financial status of a business. However, there are certain guidelines of properly maintaining a business budget spreadsheet that should be carefully followed to avail the full advantage of a business budget spreadsheet.

First of all, this article intends to state that whether you are a self employed professional or the owner of a small entrepreneurship, a business budget spreadsheet will be of invaluable assistance to you. The worksheet will help you to maintain the financial details of your business in a most convincing way. The utility of the worksheet applies even when you are participating in a business partnership. In fact, in cases of partnerships, where transparency and mutual trust are necessary criteria for a successful business, the worksheet acts as a proof of the trust and relationship between partners. The individual contributions of the participating partners and the distribution of profit among business partners can also be determined flawlessly using a business budget spreadsheet.

If your business employs other people, then too the worksheet can be effectively used to record the details of payments and other amenities to your employees. Since transparency is an integral component of a business budget spreadsheet, so it must be made sure that a copy of the business’s profits and losses worksheet should be distributed among the employees too. This will surely ensure that the employees will be more personally attached to the business and thereby contribute to the growth of the business in an honest way.

A business budget spreadsheet should have a section that records the overall assets base of a business and the other financial criteria like the debt calculations, the loan calculations, the tax amounts, the savings, the raw material/fuel cost and other such details. If this section is maintained honestly then the worksheet will give you an honest estimation of the exact financial position that your business is standing in. The worksheet should be used to plan future financial strategies that will help your business get free of the debts and work independently. If you are in a monthly repayment scheme of a loan, then too the worksheet must have all the details of the loan amount, the interest on the loan and the periodic repayment instalments. The tax calculations that apply to your business should also find proper space in a business.

Although it is a common trend to have hidden incomes and expenditures regarding a business, yet the worksheet should be a private record of all such ‘hidden’ calculations. What that means is if you have to pay for an unaccounted sum of money to an official to get any work done, then even that should be mentioned properly in the business budget spreadsheet.  However, it is always prudent to avoid unaccounted for income and expenditure, the financial recession taught us that.



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