Hosting Business Golf: Tips on etiquette

Here are a few tips for business golf hosts.

  1. Inquire about any time constraints before choosing a venue. Proximity may be more important than beauty of a course.
  2. When choosing foursomes, carefully consider the skill levels, compatibility and networking opportunities for the players.
  3. Pay for your guests ahead of time. Make sure everything is arranged for your guest such as lockers and meal reservations.
  4. Confirm the tee-off time.
  5. Send confirmation to guest with directions and contact information for the course.
  6. Be the cart driver.
  7. Focus on your guest, not on improving your game.
  8. Play the same tee as your guest.
  9. Invite your guest to play first at the first hole.
  10. Know enough of the client’s business or business environment

Remember the round of golf is finished after the first round of post golf drinks. Budget this into your time schedule and allow at least 30 min longer than anticipated.

If done correctly business golf hosting can open doors and create new business relationships.


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